Eat More Blueberries!

I knew that blueberries were good for your memory but did you know they can help you lose weight? According to an article in Woman’s World Magazine, compounds in the berries help curb cravings so you eat less without trying! The article says in part, “Folks who nibbled blueberries before a big meal took in 9% fewer calories than those who didn’t eat blueberries; that’s enough to help the average person lose up to a pound a week.

Pigments responsible for the berries’ beautiful blue color are the same pigments that turn on our “I’m full” signal in our brains.

I don’t know about you but that’s enough to convince me to eat more blueberries!

(information from Woman’s World magazine)


Happy New Year!

Love Those Blueberries!

Today was a beautiful Sunday in south central Kentucky. The sky was picture perfect blue and the air was crisp and cool. For weeks I have been hauling a sign for our blueberry farm around in the back of my SUV. Today I decided was THE day it needed to be in the ground.

Nick, Justin and Rachel do the work while I make pictures 

We planted in March and they have kept us busy this summer!

Putting on the finishing touches

This farm has been in my family for several generations and I couldn’t help but thinking as we placed the sign today that my grandparents and parents would be very pleased to see my children working together there.

Sam (the dog) approves of the sign


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