Kentucky’s Official Blueberry Farm

More blueberries grown in Metcalfe County than any other county in Kentucky!

11 Old Glasgow Road, Edmonton KY
Across the road from Save-A-Lot


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved going to her grandmother’s house. Every day after school the little girl visited her grandmother. Sometimes they would sit on the front porch swing and watch the cars go by. Grandma Layne would say, “What color do you think the next car will be?” They played the game until the little girl got hungry. There was always something good to eat at Grandma Layne’s house. The little girls favorite thing to eat were her grandmother’s homemade biscuits and jams and jellies. They played Piggly Wiggly, read books and took walks around the farm. When mama came to pick her up the little girl was never ready to go home. As far as she was concerned, Grandma Layne’s was the most fun house in the whole wide world.

Fast forward to December 2010
I’m sure you have guessed that I am the little girl. In December of last year we purchased Grandma Layne’s house and the 46 acres around it This spring we planted over 7,000 bushes of 4 different varieties of blueberries. The bushes will bear some fruit next year and mature the third year.

The Future
We have big plan for our farm. Eventually we will have a General Store where we will promote blueberry products (jams and jellies too!) .

Please check out our BLOG; there will be new information posted periodically updating our progress, along with recipes and more!